Earlier this year, a college student by the name of A.D. Carson made headlines everywhere after he rapped his doctoral dissertation by creating an album of 34 tracks. The project was titled, Owning My Masters: The Rhetorics Of Rhymes & Revolutions, and got him so much attention that he's now been hired to become a hip-hop professor.

Back in May of this year, Carson received his Ph.D. in rhetorics, communication and information design from Clemson University. Following his dissertation going viral on social media and the Internet, which is similar to the Harvard attendee that submitted a rap album as a thesis, the student has caught the attention of the music department at the University of Virginia, and was offered a position to become a professor at the school. Starting this upcoming Fall semester, Carson will reportedly teach as the Assistant Professor of Hip-Hop and the Global South.

According to NPR, he will be teaching a composition class to music students at the school called "Writing Rap," which will involve them learning about hip-hop history and writing their own rhymes. He even told the outlet that the class would be similar to composition course "where you're learning to write an argumentative essay."

There's no questions that there will be a large lineup of students hoping to take Carson's course this Fall. He is not the only one who is pushing hip-hop culture in college classes, either, as Bun-B once taught a Hip-Hop and Religion course at Rice University.

We wish A.D. the best of luck on his new journey at University of Virginia. Watch his original dissertation below.

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