Stro (formerly known as Astro) is back with the video for his single "K.I.N.G." featuring Bishop Nehru. The song appeared on Stro's 2014 EP Computer Era and is an acronym for Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified. The track is a socially conscious ditty that examines the glorification of items in the Black community, and the symbolic video treatment helps push home the message. In the clip, Stro and Nehru pose as important Black political figures Malcolm X and Huey P Newton. The treatment portrays the mental en-slavery of today's youth who try to keep up with the Joneses instead of following their own path.

Back when the EP was first released, XXL caught up with the 18-year-old rapper and former YouTube star and he talked about how the Internet was ruining the game. "As far as when it comes to the music, it's killing everything," he said. "People aren't taking their time with the music no more, there's less quality in the records. It's the exact opposite of that. It's almost a contradiction."

He continued, "For the majority [of rappers] to be wack, that’s crazy. It’s like the cats that were shining were nice, you had a few that were wack cats that had videos on TV, but it wasn’t the majority. The cats that are doing they thing, you have to search to really find them, to find rappers that can actually rap and speak messages in the music. That’s not a good thing all."

Check out the "K.I.N.G." video, above.

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