Two weeks after comparing himself to 2Pac, Troy Ave is back in action with NuPac, his latest LP. As you can see by the album cover and the name of the project itself, Troy is really feeling like 'Pac these days.

Troy Ave might not be trying to be 'Pac, but at least a couple of tracks on his newest project are clearly very much inspired by the iconic rapper. First off, there's his "NuPac (Intro)," which is Troy Ave's slightly updated version of 'Pac's "Bomb First (My Second Reply)," which is the intro to the rapper's fist posthumous release, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.

In 'Pac's record, which is the first track on The 7 Day Theory, 'Pac has someone playing the part of a journalist reporting the release of his new album, dissing rappers like Jay Z, Mobb Deep and Nas along the way. In his intro, Troy handles the mock reporting himself and makes very slight changes to 'Pac's original intro, with one of those changes being the inclusion of a Casanova diss.

Then there's his record "I Ain't Mad At Cha," which is a nod to 'Pac's classic All Eyez on Me cut. In any case, you can check out the tracklist for NuPac below. You can cop it on iTunes now.

Troy Ave’s NuPac Tracklist

1. “NuPac Intro” [Prod. By Jamal Hall, Trilogy & Troy Ave]
2. “Demonstrate_God Is Great” [Prod. By Trilogy]
3. “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” [Prod. By Trilogy]
4. “Fight 4 My Life_Word Word” [Prod. By Shemonluster_Quablab Productions Inc.]
5. “Level 2 Orientation” [Prod. By Troy Ave]
6. “Press Spray” [Prod. By Troy Ave & Trilogy]
7. “Jail House_Im Home” [Prod. By Trilogy]
8. “Truth Be Told_PSA” [Prod. By Trilogy & Troy Ave]
9. “Never Switch” [Prod. By Rubi Rosa]
10. “How It Go” [Prod. By Trilogy]
11. “Praise Pays” (Feat. Jamila Irish) [Prod. By Troy Ave, Trilogy & Jemell Hill]
12. “Tonight”
13. “Don’t 4 Get Who You Are” [Prod. By Yankee & Trilogy]

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