Earlier this month, Sean Price passed away at his home in Brooklyn. It was news that sent shock waves through the hip-hop world--Price, a one-time Boot Camp Clik member, was widely considered one of the sharpest pens in the game. His solo debut, 2005's Monkey Barz, is a veritable underground classic. At the time of his death, P was promoting his new LP, Songs in the Key of Price. That record is finally here, courtesy of Duck Down Records. You can also purchase an abbreviated eight-song version iTunes, but the Duck Down package includes 30 tracks; the proceeds from the latter go directly to Price's wife and three children. For more about the late legend, read Duck Down founder Dru-Ha's heartfelt, heartbreaking eulogy.  The tracklist for the full version is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Figure More Feat. Illa Ghee
3. S.E.A.N.
4. Hot Breath
5. Brazil
6. Top Tier
7. Garbanzo Beans
8. Give'Em Hell Feat. Illa Ghee
9. Psycho Killa
10. D.L.F. Feat. Foul Monday Rim & Royal Flush
11. Bobby Mcbarz Feat. Ike Eyes
12. Breeze
13. Orange Box Cutter
14. Fei Long
15. Go Rambo Feat. Illa Ghee & Foul Monday
16. R.N.S.
17. Planet Apes
18. Metal Beard Feat. Vic Spencer
19. Barbituates Feat. Labba Rim & Illa Ghee
20. Dave Winfield Feat. Illa Ghee
21. Kurt Rambis
22. Sean Shank Redemption Feat. Starvin B
23. Infinity Gauntlet Feat. Starvin B
24. Niggerific
25. #4NoReason
26. Elmer Fudd Feat. Starvin B & Foul Monday
27. Enigma Feat. Illa Ghee
28. Magic
29. Soul Perfect Feat. Illa Ghee
30. El Raheim Feat. Rim

There is a fundraiser set up for Price's family, which has to date raised nearly $90,000. That effort reportedly has two very famous contributors: Tek from Smif-N-Wessun took to Instagram to praise Jay Z for a "very generous donation," and Eminem has reportedly made a contribution in the $10,000 range. Stream the album below: