With election season in America revving up to it's final leg, Eric Bellinger is still on the campaign trail himself. Bellinger shares September mixtape Eric B for President: Term 1 via Soundcloud (Sept. 6). With features from Toronto's 11:11, Maryland's Phil Ade and more, the 8-track project is a statement of Eric B's creative control and independence.

Like any true politician, the Epic Records singer-songwriter definitely has some platforms to assert in his work. "Snappin' and Trappin'" addresses rap acts trying to be both MCs and crooners while "Remind Her" featuring RJ is a bedroom banger about puttin' in extra work. Last month, Eric preceded the mixtape by dropping the track "In My Prime" featuring Phil Ade.

Bellinger's mixtape title obviously pulls from one of hip-hop's most highly respected classic songs, 1986's "Eric B Is President"...and that's exactly what he wants. The California singer talked about why he chose to pay homage to the classic when he first announced his new tape.

“Eric B and Rakim were two of rap music’s most coveted pioneers," explained Bellinger. "They opened doors for generations of artists to prosper in this industry. This is my way of saying thank you and providing physical proof that they made a difference. Plus with this project being more hip-hop driven and a campaign that could potentially put the first female president in office, it was only right. I felt it was necessary to raise awareness amongst the culture using my voice to support what’s right for the masses.

Bellinger also talked about he linked up with visual artist Taj TPK to have his his mixtape's artwork play into the presidential theme.

"I’m a huge fan of art, so me and Taj came up with a great vibrant concept to tie all my feelings, thoughts, and inspirations into one experience- an experience you would enjoy sonically and visually.”

Stream Eric B for President: Term 1 above. Forget Trump or Hillary. Would you vote for Eric B.?

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