Chicago's own CupcakKe continues her ascent to stardom with her latest project, Queen Elizabitch. You can stream the album below via Spotify, or cop it on iTunes now.

The project sees the 19-year-old Chicago MC go in over a variety of hard-hitting instrumentals. "Biggie Smalls" finds the rising star promoting body positivity, while tracks like "CPR" and "Cumshot" make it seem like CupcakKe's on a one-woman crusade to redefine the word "raunchy." She manages to touch on all of those things while still letting it be known that she'll "let the clip off," proving she can be a gangster and an advocate simultaneously.

Back in February, she offered to pay the cost of a hotel stay after one of her fans mentioned her on Twitter. The boy had just been kicked out of his house by his homophobic mother after coming out as gay, and CupcakKe, whose song "LGBT" promotes gay rights, immediately offered to help.

“The first thing that came to my mind was not that ‘this is a fan’, but this is someone who is in need,” she said of the incident. “Someone that’s about to be homeless just like I was at 13 years old.”

You can hear all sides of CupcakKe by checking out her new project today. Spin it below and peep the tracklist as well.

CupcakKe's Queen Elizabitch Tracklist

1. "Scraps"
2. "33rd"
3. "CPR"
4. "Author"
5. "Quick Thought"
6. "Biggie Smalls"
7. "Barcodes"
8. "Cumshot"
9. "Civilized"
10. "Toys 'R' Us"
11. "Tarzan"
12. "Reality Part 4"

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