21 Savage has finally dropped his long-awaited Savage Mode project produced entirely by Metro Boomin, with help from a couple people here and there. You can stream it on Apple Music right now or spin it on Spotify below.

The tracklist is short, sweet and to the point, with nine tracks and only one feature – Future on "X."

The 2016 Freshman's last tape Slaughter King dropped in December of 2015, but fans have been waiting for the full-length collab with Metro for a minute now.

When we talked to 21 for the Freshmen cover, he told us about why he became so popular in Atlanta. "I did everything by myself," he said. "That’s what separate me from a lot of people. I didn’t have no label, no marketing team, no promotion team, no nigga with no money behind me, I did all my shit by myself. I just worked hard. I just go out and do it, bruh. It don’t be no plans to it, I just do the shit. I can’t really describe it. Folks just gravitate to us.

"I’m a real gangsta, I really come from that shit. There’s other niggas too that come from that shit but most of these niggas don’t come from it. I’m not saying that it’s a problem, I’m just saying that’s what’s different from me. Like I’ve been shot, all types of shit. Lost niggas right in front of me, I’ve been in real life or death situations and shit. I’m just different from these niggas. And I’m humble and got a brain. Most of these niggas be dumb as fuck, even in their interviews, they just be looking dumb as hell. They don’t know how to speak or nothing."

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