Stormzy's been on a roll lately, and it looks like he's got every intention of keeping it going. The latest sign of that arrives in the form of his new freestyle over Drake's "4 PM in Calabasas" beat. It comes with an accompanying visual, too. Appropriately enough, Stormzy's version's called "4 PM in London."

The Kaylum-helmed video for the new freestyle finds Stormzy spitting in a black hoodie while standing in an all-black room. On the new track itself, Stormzy, whose Gangs Signs & Prayer album made plenty of noise upon its release, addresses the ups-and-downs of his come-up in the rap game.

"Let's tell the truth/I don't plan on running out of juice/Niggas tryna pose like they represent the youth/I double up the tints, they got me blacking out the coupe/And nothing was the same since my Fire in the Booth/Shit, look at me now, they saying that I'm the golden child, can't nobody hold me down," he spits on the track."

A bit later, he takes some shots at those throwing verbal bullets at him, rapping, "And niggas used to bang but nowadays them man are tweeting all the smoke/And these rappers big me up 'cause they don't need me at their throats/Little pussies, see you brothers plotting on the low/Having little meetings saying 'Stormzy's gotta go'/Woah, I think I got you on your toes/And if I'm being honest with you, I am not your bro." He even goes on to tease his new project.

This freestyle arrives just about five days after the London rapper dropped his Gangs Signs & Prayer film and a cinematic music video for "Cigarettes and Cush." Gotta salute Stormzy's grind.

Check out his new freestyle below.

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