Stitches is likely best known for his song "Brick In Yo Face," but at a recent show, a fan got a fist in his face for trying to touch the Florida rapper. In the above clip, a fan reaches out and tags Stitches in the stomach, to which the rapper responds with a swipe at his face.

The whole exchange takes place fairly quickly, with the fan throwing something at Stitches after receiving the punch to the face, and security intervening shortly after. Eventually, the music cuts out and the fan is carried away, with some shrieks emanating from the crowd as the spat unfolds.

While touching a rapper mid-performance or attempting to join them on stage is almost always a horrible idea, it is particularly ill-advised when said rapper has been linked to celebrity boxing matches within the past several months. As evidenced by the video included below, rapper's are not ones to hesitate when it comes to fighting on stage, with the match-minded Stitches as eager or ready to throw down as any.

Word with Stitches has been relatively quiet lately, since his beef with The Game died down toward the end of last year. Fan altercations are unfortunately nothing new particularly as it pertains to a violation of a rapper's personal or performative space. In March of this year, Jeezy became angry when a fan touched him at a club in Jacksonville, while Action Bronson and Travis Scott have both fought fans while on stage in recent years. The issue becomes one of security, with any artist forced to defend themselves when a stranger, fan or otherwise, runs up or reaches out to them.

Check the tape of Stitches' altercation up above.

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