Stitches' rap sheet has grown longer as the rapper was arrested on Wednesday (Jan. 25) in Miami on gun and drug charges. TMZ is reporting that rapper had parked his Porsche unlawfully in a handicap spot at a local Whole Foods, police recognizing his tattoos and face from previous arrests.

Authorities then asked the rapper whether he had a gun, Stitches replying that he did not. Instead, he handed over a partially smoked joint. When police searched the car, they discovered a Glock under the rapper's seat as well as a pair of magazines. Police say that the rapper was apologetic saying that he interpreted the question as to whether he had a firearm specifically on his person.

Police as well found nearly 40 grams worth of weed and a single oxycodone pill, but no perscription for it. Stitches was charges with felony gun and marijuana possession.

It would seem that Stitches has been bailed out in the time since, as he posted a since-deleted video to Instagram showing himself with some loose cash. A still image from that video is included up top with some in the comments asking if was indeed released. He captioned the video with "Blessed. #stichillionaire."

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