A couple weeks ago, Starlito and Post Malone got into a little online squabble after the former cracked a joke about the latter's picture with Allen Iverson. The back-and-forth erupted after Lito criticized Posty's "White Iverson" track for being akin to "some blackface shit." He wondered out loud if a song by a black rapper called "Black John Stockton" would ever be received the same way, but now he seems to have gone beyond curiosity, because on Thursday night he actually dropped a song called "Black John Stockton." You can hear it below.

The beat Lito's rapping over is Russ' "Losin Control," and though it says it's featuring Post, it's obviously a joke, if you couldn't tell by the cover.

Along with the new track, Lito also announced a new album called Hot Chicken dropping July 4. Plus, he's got a mixtape called Attention, Tithes & Taxes 2: Gentrifried coming soon as well. Just a couple months ago, he dropped Step Brothers 3 with Don Trip, the best of the series so far.

In case you missed it, we talked to both Starlito and Post Malone about their issue. Read that right here.

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