Staten Island's Squidnice is quickly becoming a name that fans are mentioning over the web. The newcomer is back today (July 28) for his newest single, "Clout." The new record, which is produced by A Lau, comes in anticipation with Squidnice's upcoming project The Craccen. On "Clout," Squid raps about all the money and women he has.

He previously released a track called “Nina” a couple months back and just last month, Squidnice dropped the video for “Trap By My Lonely,” the hit track that caught the internet by storm and turned the local rapper into a major name to pay attention to. There's no released date yet for The Craccen but hopefully it will come out sooner than later.

In a recent interview with Mass Appeal, Squidnice spoke about why it's important to speak the truth in his raps. “You ever notice how all these niggas say, ‘Ice on my wrist, 80 on my wrist, 100 on my wrist,’ and you never see a watch on ‘em?” he asks. “I’m never gonna talk about a watch I don’t have or a car I’m not driving. I talk about what’s really going on my life. If I’m broke, I’m broke. I speak the truth. I just make it sound good.”

Bump "Clout" below.

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