Squidnice drops the video for his single "In Tune" off his impressive The Craccen mixtape. The record was a standout track off the tape and the visual is even better. Squid can be seen outside a traphouse in Staten Island hanging out with his homies while also riding on top of a car having a fun, carefree time. Squid knew this record, produced by Adrian Lau and Tony Seltzer, was going to be big before he dropped The Craccen.

"I knew it was one of the hottest records on the tape," he told XXL. "I did the video before I dropped the tape. I just wanted to let people know that I'm in tune with the streets. I know what's going on and I got the tool for the beef so niggas can't play with me. I needed to say that in visual terms. You have to see what I mean. You see the niggas I'm with, they don't look like they playing."

The Craccen was released in August and it's a 11-track project which contains features from Life Fortunato, Chvse, Swook, Morbucks and Guccifurr. XXL spoke with the “Trap By My Lonely” spitter about the project earlier this month, and he gave an explanation for the title of The Craccen.

“It’s a mythical sea creature who has powers and is based on being mysterious, you know what I mean?” explains Squid. “And since I’m Squid, I call myself The Craccen. And me and my friends when we say hi to each other, we say, ‘What’s crackin?’ It’s all that in one. I made a triple entendre.”

Watch the video for "In Tune" below.

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