It's been a wild weekend for Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty. After SB started posting pics with India Love, Yachty apparently texted him asking him to chill. That spiraled into beef, with Soulja Boy postings pictures with guns saying he was gonna kill the ATL rapper. Now it looks like he's rethinking the whole thing.

In a couple since-deleted videos you can see above and below, Soulja says he was just tweaking because he was on the road without drugs. "Lil Yachty, you know I love you. I just need to smoke a blunt. You know how big Soulja start tweaking when he ain't got no weed," he says in the video above.

"I feel like everything was just exaggerated," he continues below. "I feel like niggas keep trying me, man. I'm not no bitch. Lil Yachty texted me telling me to take a picture down of India Love. I've been with this girl for years and she ain't even met this nigga. Then Sizzle start dissing me. Nigga for what? But right now, I ain't got no beef with nobody. I done shot niggas before. Everybody that's beefing with me, Lil Yachty, let's squash that shit bro. The Lil Yachty beef over."

Early on Sunday, Lil Yachty posted what sounded like a phone call he got from Soulja Boy on Snapchat. The day before, he had a whole festival crowd chanting, "fuck Soulja Boy." Considering Lil Boat named Soulja as one of his top five rappers, hopefully they'll put their problems behind them.

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