Soulja Boy has revealed that his price has gone up and that he now charges seven figures for a feature.

Soulja Boy Charges $1 Million for a Feature Now

On Tuesday (Nov. 1), Soulja Boy hopped on Instagram Live to update his supporters on his new prices. He noted that a guest verse now costs $1 million, a performance costs $100,000 and a club appearance $50,000.

"You want a verse it's gonna cost you an M," Big Draco said. "You want a show it's going to cost you 100k. You want an afterparty it's gonna cost you 50 bands. We just turnt Texas up. But this is what it's gonna cost you. No cap. That's just what it's gonna cost you, know what I'm saying?"

He ended his video by flipping through numerous bills, proving that people have already adjusted to the new price.

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A Judge Found That Soulja Boy's Net Worth Is Negative

Draco's claim comes after a judge denied Soulja Boy's motion to have a $472,000 judgment thrown out in a civil case involving his ex-girlfriend. In court documents obtained by XXL, Soulja had claimed he had a $1 million tax lien and hardly any cash in the bank. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge contested this and said the rapper is likely in a good enough financial position to satisfy his debut. The judge found Soulja Boy's net worth to be negative because he didn't provide any financial records to the court.

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See Soulja Boy talk about charging $1 million for a feature below.

Watch Soulja Boy Say He Charges $1 Million for a Feature

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Any guesses on dollar amounts before you look?

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