Sonny Digital is still keeping fans waiting after announcing his Woke You Up EP back in January, but it looks like he's back to tide them over with new music today. The super producer released his "Woke You Up Freestyle" last week (April 15), which may be a title track off of the forthcoming project.

Digital joins Bwheezy to produce the new record, which features him spitting some heated, gloating bars about his life in the spotlight and coming into some serious fortune with his music.

"You know I'm making movies, come and film that shit," he spits. "Niggas playing dumb, I don't feel that shit/If I want the bitch, then I get her/Frostbite diamonds, winter/Eat it up bitch, dinner/Might drop that top in December."

Digital originally promised fans that Woke You Up would be releasing in January, but the month came and went without a release. While we're not sure what we can expect from the EP, there is a chance that it will contain features from Block Boe, Lil Xan and Steve Cannon, being that the names are written on the artwork for his latest song while he uploaded to Soundcloud and Instagram.

The Atlanta hitmaker has already teased fans by dropping the music video for his "Keep It Real" record back in February.

Listen to Sonny Digital spit some hot rhymes on his "Woke You Up Freestyle" in the stream below.

Sonny Digital
Sonny Digital

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