Take Sonny Digital's word for it: TM88 is a man of many talents. DJ Whoo Kid chopped it up with Sonny earlier this week (Oct. 27) on his "Hollywood Shuffle" radio show. While Sonny remains humble in his accomplishments in the rap game so far, Whoo Kid asked the 25-year-old how it feels to be apart of the "indirect crew" of hip-hop'd hottest producers right now. Naming fellow Atlanta exports like Metro Boomin and Southside, Sonny was quick to differentiate the demeanor of his crew members and shared a pretty funny example of TM88's temper.

"I didn't even know TM88 made beats for the longest. I used to just see him in the club just beating niggas up everytime I went to the club, bro," said Sonny, greeted by laughter from everyone in the studio. "Then when I found out he was making beats, I was like, "Bro, you beating miggas' asses and making beats?"

But when he's not fighting, it's good thing TM finds time to make fire on the boards. The green-haired producer is currently in the in a trio with rappers Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa called TGOD Mafia. The new crew dropped their first collab project, Rude Awakening in May. TM has also worked with Young Thug, Lil Yachty and more and is rumored to have an EP in the works with Thugger.

Whoo Kid and Sonny go on to everything from rap fashion to Atlanta's influence to haters of their sound. "Shit just new times. If they mad, they mad. I'm Gucci," replied Sonny when Whoo Kid asked about some of his golden era haters out there.

Check out all the laughs in the video above.

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