As he gears up for the release of his forthcoming EP, Woke You UpSonny Digital isn't letting his foot off the gas when it comes to delivering new heat for his fans.

This time around, the Atlanta-born hitmaker has tapped Curren$y for his latest offering, “Dope.” The nearly four-minute track is a pulsating blend of deep, hard-hitting drums and smooth melodic elements, which subtly complement the nonchalant flows of both Sonny and Curren$y.

"We smoking loud/I know you've heard it/You want my plug/But you don't deserve it," Sonny spits over the track's synths.

The producer-turned-rapper has been teasing his forthcoming project since the top of year, even solidifying a January release date. The EP, however, has yet to surface. Fortunately for fans, Sonny has released new singles including "Keep It Real," "Love My Plug" and "Woke Up Freestyle."

Sonny's no stranger to spitting rhymes and has seamlessly moved between producing and rapping. Recently, Sonny voiced his concern with producers not receiving enough credit for their work following the 2017 BET Awards. He even pitched creating a union to protect producers from getting stiff armed out of receiving proper credit for their contributions to collaborative hits.

Since letting his opinion free regarding the discontent with the industry, Sonny has been adamantly pursuing the other side of the studio as he lays down verses on the track in addition to supplying the production.

Take a listen to Sonny's newest single "Dope" featuring Curren$y below.


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