Solange Knowles has taken the hip-hop world by storm and now may be ready to cash out with a tell-all book detailing her sister's relationship with Jay Z along with  stories of her estranged father, Matthew Knowles. According to a report from Buzz 60 (a web news series hosted by former fitness guru John Basedow--take that as you will), the book could detail "shocking secrets" and apparently has stories about Hov's rumored womanizing. Solange is apparently "fed up" with constantly being overshadowed by her older, more successful sister. Solange has not responded to the reports of the tell-all book.

Since the now infamous elevator fight, the trio have been seen dining out together and have released a joint statement together saying that, "[Jay Z and Solange] have apologized to each other and we have moved together forward as a united family."

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