Before his breakout single "Yayo", Snootie Wild had been in some unfortunate situations, as he explained in The Come Up. He had dreams of being a basketball player, but he got stabbed in the knee, which caused a setback to his pursuit of a lucrative career. Snootie also served a four-year jail sentence. While incarcerated, he earned his GED and decided to take rapping serious. Snootie comes from a long line of dope Memphis MCs, from legends like Three 6 Mafia and 8Ball & MJG to veterans like Tela, Don Trip and Yo Gotti. With the reunion of Da Mafia 6ix and the new found mainstream success of Yo Gotti, now is the perfect time for Snootie to release his debut EP Go Mode.

Yo Gotti co-signed Snootie's talents early on after his regional hit "Yayo" took off. He quickly signed Snootie to his Collective Music Group (CMG) in October 2013 as his premier star. This past May, Gotti's CMG crew (Yo Gotti, Zed Zila, Wave Chapelle and Snootie) released Chapter One and featured two standouts from Snootie, "Stackin' & Flippin' It" and "Want U 2 Kno." Now with his first EP, Snootie, gets to shine even more on his own. What separates him the from the rest of CMG is his fast paced song-songy flow. And for him to be a rookie in the rap game, he mastered the art of making catchy hooks. He can make records for the ladies, the trappers or those who may want to hear some introspective lyrics. Let's not forget the stellar production on the EP, which compliments Snootie's style as well.

The EP starts of with "Here I Go" featuring Starlito, an introspective track where Snootie talks about his mental struggles. He raps, "I hate the choices I've made/Feel like I'm trapped in the gate/But that's the price that you pay/For smokin' dank everyday...I'm startin' over again 'cause once you up in the system/Your freedom you never win/Gotta try to reinvent/For me and my children." Snootie shows some versatility on the EP by offering different tracks for the listener. One example is the Yo Gotti and August Alsina-assisted "She's A Keeper," where he shows his love for a special female. "Come straight from the ghetto, ass all on the strip pole/Cashed out with a bankroll/Now she focused on college and I know that she polished," he raps. It's definitely has lady killer written all over it.

Go Mode only offers three new songs since his hit "Made Me" and "No Kissing" with Zed Zilla appeared on Chapter One. And even "Yayo" was originally on Yo Gotti's November 19th mixtape. Still, Snootie proves with the right production, his dope boy rhymes and hook game can carry him a long way in the rap game. There's potential in seeing Snootie only getting bigger from here. Overall, Go Mode is a solid EP that will hold fans over until his next project.—Chris Davis