Yo Gotti is seeking higher learning as the rapper-music exec has enrolled at UCLA to study business.

Yo Gotti Enrolls at UCLA

On Tuesday (Dec. 5), Yo Gotti announced he is taking a business course at UCLA's Anderson School of Management for the winter semester. Specifically, the CMG boss is taking up the course Corporate Valuation, a class taught by Professor Lori Santikian that studies analytical tools relevant for valuing projects, corporations, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, private firms and debt. The class is designed to help students use methodological tools to explore how real options affect investment decisions and how they can be identified and valued.

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Yo Gotti Builds CMG Empire

This is the latest step for Yo Gotti as he continues to build his CMG record label empire, which includes some of the hottest names in Memphis and beyond. In 2021, he entered the label into a major distribution deal through Interscope. Gotti has always been about his business, but now he will have the schooling, to boot.

"As a businessman, I cover all business the same, small or big, it’s all the important to me," Gotti told XXL during his digital cover story in the summer of 2021. "Key things is making sure we in control of our vision. CMG, with me and with my artists’ vision, I feel like I’m responsible to make sure that we always got 100 percent control of what our vision is, individually as artists and as a label, so that’s very key."

The label released the compilation Gangsta Art 2 in September.

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