Though Young Dolph may be the self-proclaimed King of MemphisSnootie Wild is the city's Robin Hood. The Memphis spitter is back with a new heater called "El Pablo" which he dropped over the weekend.

In the bouncy, two-minute track, Snootie attacks the beat and compares his rap mentality to one of the most famous drug cartel owners in history.

"Jugg, jugg, jugg/Keep the service like Waffle House/Bitch nigga better watch his mouth/Nowadays, niggas cop an ounce/Swear to God I'm watching out."

"Despite the evil Pablo Escobar is known for, what I noticed in my research of him is the genuine passion he had for his people and community because Colombia was so poor," Snootie explained to FADER as the track premiered. Painting the drug lord as a friend to the common man, Snootie sees himself in Escobar. "From his businesses to his political endeavors, part of his motivation came from a place of wanting to raise up his people. I connect to that. That's me. Everything I do in music is for my people, my city, Memphis."

This single is Snootie's newest drop after releasing his Ain't No Stopping Me tape in the summer of 2015. Coming off strong singles like “Yayo” and “Stackin’ It, Flippin’ It,” Snootie looks to add to his catalog of motivating club bangers. Check his flow in the new single above.

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