What do you get the man that has it all for his birthday? For Snoop Dogg, it's unsurprisingly a ton of weed.

To celebrate Snoop Dogg's 48th year of life, Uncle Snoop's cannabis company Merry Jane got him a weed bouquet with 48 extra special pre-rolled joints to signify every year he has been on earth.

The bouquet comes from a cannabis floral designer named Leslie K. Monroy. According to a report TMZ published on Monday (Oct. 20), the Merry Jane workers ended up being so impressed with Monroy's work that they thought the flowers would make a great gift for Snoop's celebration of life.

The four dozen doobies were split down the middle with 24 pre-rolled joints filled with Indica and another 24 were filled with Sativa. There were reportedly also four small weed clones and eight tall clones that mixed in with the joints and flowers.

On Sunday, Snoop celebrated his 48th birthday surrounded by friends and family.

While Snoop Dogg's gift is no Rolls Royce, Rolex or a large sum of cash, the specialized bouquet is a very thoughtful gift for the Doggfather. It's no secret Snoop Dogg has a deep love for marijuana and loves to share it with his friends.

Back in August, 50 Cent posted to Instagram and claimed that Snoop caused him to have a drug problem.

"More TYCOON shit @snoopdogg made me smoke Damn now I got a drug problem.LOL #lecheminduroi #TheKing #bransoncognac," 50 wrote in a short caption for an Instagram post that was likely more of a joke than anything else.

In more recent Snoop related news, the rapper was recently met with some criticism after performing at the University of Kansas with a stripper present. The school issued an apology.  Days later, during an interview on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern ShowSnoop Dogg responded saying the audience enjoyed the show and that the school got exactly what it paid for.

See the bouquet at TMZ. 

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