Snoop Dogg recently got the chance to catch up G-Unit on an episode of GGN. In between their smoking session they all talked about the lack of originality in a lot of today’s music.

"I miss how important authenticity was," said 50 Cent. "What I find now in our culture is that things are trending. They’re following what the last person just did."

Young Buck chimed in with, "All you need is a great record and a cold hashtag."

“When a person decides to be themselves they offer something else no one can be," said Fif. Snoop followed by saying, “That’s what’s wrong right now, everybody trying to rap the same style. I don’t know who created it, whether it was Future or Migos but all them niggas sound the same.”

"We’re supposed to provoke emotion. That’s what entertaining is," said 50. "I think when I hear records and ain’t nothin’ there or nothin’ special in the joint I just go ‘ok yea’ and move to the next one.” He from there tries to find out if they telling the truth.

They would then go on to talk about No Limit, Lloyd Banks consistency as a solo artist and the role Snoop played in helping Young Buck mend his relationship with 50.

"Unc come to my home city and I had to come see him," said Buck. "The last thing he told me was get 'ya shit right man. Get ya shit right with Fif.' And that’s what I did and I told him 'next time you see me Ima be right her where I need to be.  Be on top.' And it feels good to sit here and know that I knew that it was what you told me."

The crew would go on to talk about their EP The Beauty of Independence,  a Dogg Pound G-Unit collaboration project,  a possible of working on a G-Unit movie, 50’s Pimpin Curly character and his social media vengeance. Chick out the full interview above.