Earlier this week, the Internet was buzzing about news about Pharrell Williams reportedly negotiating to be a judge on American Idol.

Well after hearing that and the fact that Mariah Carey inked a record $18 million contract to be a judge on the hit show earlier, none other than Snoop Dogg said he’d be down to hold down a judge spot on American Idol too.

When speaking as his reggae alter-ego, Snoop Lion, the legend said that he’d love to judge the nationwide talent on the show.

“I’ll do American Idol,” Snoop reportedly said, as reported by TMZ.

The celebrity news website adds that Idol spokesman Neil Schubert would not comment on whether Snoop was being considered to fill the empty seat.

On Monday (July 30), during a New York City press conference, Snoop shared his vision with reporters for his reggae persona Snoop Lion in support of his upcoming reggae album, Reincarnated.

“I’ve been the greatest, top five top 10 [MC],” Snoop told the reporters. “When you win so many accolades for something you’ve mastered, you wanna try something different.”

Snoop described recording reggae as a “breath of fresh air” and maybe more importantly a “challenge.”

“This feels like I’m 19,20 years old and I can go 20 more years,” the rap veteran said of his reincarnation. “Rap is not a challenge. No disrespect, but they can’t fuck with me in rap.”

Several months ago, Snoop traveled to Jamaica in search of answers.

“The spirit told me to basically find something connected to Bob Marley’s spirit,” he disclosed. “I’ve always said I’m Bob Marley reincarnated.”—Jakinder Singh