Snoop Dogg and A$AP Rocky are men of many talents, but they'll never forget that it's their rap skills that got them to where they are. So it shouldn't be too surprising that Rocky took a freestyle break during his recent interview on Uncle Snoop's YouTube show, GGN. Snoop also joined in the fun, which begins at the 7:41-mark in the video above.

The two MCs go in for a full three minutes as the drop bars over Mobb Deep's Murda Muzik classic, "The Realest." Unlike rappers in many other freestyle sessions, both Snoop and Rocky appear to actually be coming off the top, occasionally stumbling over their words and making references to each other as they float across the beat. Their delivery makes it more than worth the watch.

In the interview that preceded the freestyle session, Rocky and Snoop talk about their experience watching a performance in the Bad Boy Reunion tour, Rocky's fashion choices and his new position as MTV Labs' creative director. The two also do some serious smoking as they kick back.

In other Rocky-related news, the Harlem rapper could be dropping some new music soon. The "Peso" performer recently used Twitter to share a preview of some new music he's working on, and it sounded pretty fire.

In the audio, which features a snail-slow instrumental, Rocky raps, “I think they running out of rappers to compare me with/Ain’t a bitch out bad enough to pair me with/Usually only fuck with niggas that you hear with me/My jewelry dance like rubies skipping on canary bricks/On some donkey shit, nigga I bought me this/Shooters love me from Canal up to 40th.”

It's now been almost two years since Rocky dropped a solo project, so maybe the new clip means he's got a new album coming soon. We'll have to wait and see.

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