Snoop Dogg has made it very clear in recent months that he does not condone 6ix9ine testifying against his former associates, and he is reiterating his stance once again.

On Tuesday (Oct. 8), Snoop stopped by Sirius XM's Howard Stern Show alongside actor Seth Rogen. The topic of 6ix9ine made its way into their chat at one point, and Snoop made sure to have a few jokes at the embattled rapper's expense.

"You know the rules and regulations to this shit! Snitches get stitches! You know that shit," Snoop said to Stern with a laugh. "I've heard of people telling on each other, ratting on the organization...but he ratted on other organizations on top of his organization. His friends, his people that...I mean, he just went berserk. That muthafucka sang like Aretha Franklin."

He continued by questioning 6ix9ine's motives for snitching in the first place.

"When did that become the get out of jail pass?" Snoop asked. "Because my thing is, if me and Seth go commit a crime right now and if me or him decide to tell on each other, that means one of us gets out or do we both go to jail? Because I watch The First 48, which is one of my favorite shows, and normally when a muthafucka is associated with the crime, his ass is being charged with the crime just by association!"

Rogen chimed in with an additional question. "I don't get how you have witness protection when you literally have a tattoo of Jigsaw on your face," he jokingly questioned.

According to reports, 6ix9ine actually plans to reject the witness protection program upon his expected release from prison. Instead, he reportedly plans to get back to his music career, which he apparently believes will be even more successful than before his arrest.

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