Smokepurpp and Murda Beatz pull up with another Bless Yo Trap banger, and this time, they've brought A$AP Ferg along for the ride.

The new track, which Purpp and Murda unloaded just today (April 11), features a slightly hellish sounding Murda instrumental, a hook from Ferg and a barrage of boasts from Purpp. It's pretty much a speaker-thumping heaven, and it begins with Ferg saying, "I play with your bitch clit like I play the guitar." It's all pretty in-your-face.

Purp begins his first verse with some lyrics that are every bit as emphatic as Ferg's opening words. "I'm in the coupe, I'm with a bitch, ceiling got stars/Nigga want beef, he could get sparked, like a cigar/I'm on TV, I'm on the boards, bitch, I'm a star/Pray for my nig, pray for a brick, free all my dogs," the South Florida rapper spits on the track.

In an Instagram post announcing the release of the track, Purpp says it will be the last one he drops before he and Murda unload their joint project. Speaking with XXL about Bless Yo Trap, which is due out at some point this month, Purpp did some healthy self-praising.

"I already know this is gon' be the best project of 2018, I swear to God," Purpp said while in XXL's Manhattan office. "I already know nothing anybody else drops is gonna be better."

Listen to "Pray" below.

Smokepurpp via SoundCloud
Smokepurpp via SoundCloud

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