Kanye West's new track "Lift Yourself" has been out just over a day, and it already has a new remix. South Florida rapper Smokepurpp has put his spin on the record, and Yeezy approves.

Purpp promoted the remix on Twitter Saturday night (April 28), captioning the cover art, "Waddup Ye @kanyewest BARS." He later dropped the track on SoundCloud and his personal website.

Like 'Ye's version, Smoke is surely trolling on the track. He makes sure to name-drop J. Cole. "Ayy, shout out J. Cole too, You know what goin' on," he says. He then continues to throw out random sounds and adlibs over the sample-driven track without making a complete bar or rhyme scheme.

Smoke clearly feels some type of way about J. Cole appearing to address his ilk on his new KOD album. He intended to get West's attention with his remix and he did. Yeezy approved and promoted the cut on his page. "I'm posting this but not as a diss to J Cole," 'Ye wrote. "I love J Cole. I also love where Purp took his flow."

Kanye is all about love these days. A little over a week ago, he expressed to The Breakfast Club's Charlamagne Tha God that he feels like Jermaine is constantly taking shots at him.

"Yesterday when I was talking to `Ye, we had a conversation about J. Cole," Charlamagne explained. "He said, 'Remember when J. Cole put out the 'False Prophets' record?' He said that he feels like J. Cole is always dissing him in records."

The morning show host added, "He named another line...'something something from reality shows.' He was like, 'Who else is out here in love with people from reality shows like me?'"

In related news, Smokepurpp fans at a recent show in Atlanta started a chant of "fuck J. Cole."

Listen to Smokepurpp's remix of Kanye West's "Lift Yourself" below.

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