Smokepurpp takes care of his fans. Back in September, Purpp dropped his debut mixtape, Deadstar. Most recently, the South Florida rapper shared a new Flappy Bird-inspired smartphone game titled Deadstar: The Game. To go along with the game, Lil Purpp dropped three new songs, "Drop Top," "Bih" and "Can't Pick Up." The records all have different sounds and are produced by different beatmakers.

"Bih," which is produced by Swirl, has a more menacing feel, with Smokepurpp rattling off bars. "All my niggas move, get that pack then I move it/Lil Purpp, I'm goin' stupid/Niggas say I'm dumb, I'm goin' dumb, I'm goin' stupid/I can't love no bitch, bitch I ain't cupid/AK-47 knock him toothless," he raps.

"Drop Top" is produced by Soundboi and feels like it was recorded in outer space. Smoke is barely audible as he croons with the help of autotune about riding around in a drop top. "Can't Pick Up" is produced by Nova and on it Smoke raps about being too high to do anything.

Download Deadstar: The Game on the App Store and bump the three new songs below.

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