Trends come and go, and the collective audio-aesthetic of hip-hop continues to evolve, but flat-out rhyme sessions will always have a place in the rap game. Smoke DZA and Joey Bada$$  remind us of that with "The Mood," a new freestyle that includes an instrumental with heavy similarities to Scarface's 2003 record, "Guess Who's Back."

Floating over the sped-up "Guess Who's Back" track, DZA sets things off with a barrage of boasts before passing the torch Joey. "They throw shots and we don't even react/Like I ain't got Pedro on payroll to take care of that/Set it out, where it's at, nigga flow way intact/The bag heavy, scale off, weigh it back/Lightyears ahead of niggas, not even laps/You can't compare them boys to us, that's not even rap," he spits.

From there, Joey takes the baton and sprints into a verse brimming with confidence similar to DZA's. "Yeah, uhh, and let me switch the mood/Gotta take a risk for your biggest wish to come true/I been in those shoes, had fifth-dimensional views/Where ain't shit to lose just more proving," he spits on the track.

"The Mood" is all set to appear on DZA's forthcoming album, Not For Sale, which includes features from Ty Dolla $ign, D.R.AM., Dom Kennedy and Cozz.

Listen to Smoke DZA's latest below. Check out his Ringside 5 EP when you're done with that.

Smoke DZA's Not for Sale Tracklist

1. "The Legacy” (Produced by BobGnarly)
2. "The Mood” featuring Joey Bada$$ (Produced by 183rd)
3. "The Come Up” featuring DRAM (Produced by DJ Steel)
4. "The High” featuring Velous (Produced by DJ Relly Rell)
5. "The Hustle" featuring Bodega Bamz and LevyGrey (Produced by LevyGrey)
6. "The Love" featuring Ty Dolla $ign (Produced by DJ Relly Rell)
7. "The Lifestyle” (Produced by Cardo)
8. "The Antidote” (Produced by LevyGrey)
9. "The Game” (Produced by LevyGrey)
10. "The Glow” (Produced by LevyGrey)
11. "The Soul” featuring Vado (Produced by BobGnarly)
12. "The Hookup” featuring Cozz and Dom Kennedy (Produced by Girl Talk)

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