Don't look now, but St. Louis' finest is back. Recently, Smino dropped off a vibrant new track called "Sorbet," his first original offering since dropping Blkswn earlier this year. Not coincidentally, he released the song on his birthday.

"[Shout] to Akenya fa sending me dis beautiful voicemail dis mornin...shout to errbody who ever put somebody on lil ol me. i love you MUHFUCKAS. dis me jus havin fun wit it...hope yall enjoy, dance, smile to it. kuz nigga i do. okay so lets get technical..." Smino wrote in the description for the record, which he dropped on Monday (Oct. 2). The artwork for the track is provided by Nosidam. & Victor Birriel.

The Sango-produced "Sorbet" begins with his friend Akenya's birthday voicemail, and it features some bright production and Smin's typically quick-fire bars. The hook is a play on the word "sorbet," which he flips into a few different meanings.

"Shawty you taste like sorbet/Beat it til' it's sore, bae/Ooh, told 'em we can soar bae/Told em we can soar to the moon/Shawty you taste like sorbet/Beat it til' it's sore bae (ooh)/Told em' we can soar bae/Told em' we can soar," Smino half-sings Smino, who's currently traveling with SZA for her Ctrl tour. 

We can only hope this newest release from Smino means more new music drops in the very near future. For now, though, we're happy he's served up some more fire.

Check out "Sorbet" below.

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