Smino and producer Sango team up for the ultra smooth "blkswn." The song features Smino showing off both his rapping and singing skills over clean keys and crisp drums.

"Boom, boom, boom, Sminoshima/Sminova Scotia, beam on 'em/Aw they hate it when you smile nah/They lactose tolerant, I cheese on 'em/Smino compadre, speak up/Me no speak no english/Country country my lingo," he raps.

The St. Louis native recently tweeted that that is album is "99.% done." 2017 is going to be a big year for the multitalented spitta. XXL caught up with the Missouri transplant for The Break earlier this year to speak about his sound and his goals in music.

“I say my sound is more is more futuristic funk, rap funk. If people or if I would compare my sound to any art that has came out before, I would say Dungeon Family-esque," he said. "One of my goals is, I know its kind of silly, to get rid of payola, or just try to lead to make the radio different. I feel like we make music that could go mainstream but it’s doesn’t necessarily sound like mainstream.”

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