Skizzy Mars is set to release his new album Alone Together on Mar. 11 via Atlantic Records. The New York rapper gets fans ready for the upcoming project with a new single called "Comb" produced by Michael Keenan. The song is anthem for anybody coming home with someone from the bar after a night on the town.

"Ay, I show up to your spot round 3:30/Smoking all night, out drinking 40's/Falling into people like a fucking dummy/And I'm probably a druggie but you fucking love me/And give me a kiss girl don't fucking hug me/That ass looking fat and those lips lovely/It's been a long day I know you wanna fuck me/Face the truth and the truth is ugly/Look, I'm just me when the day ends/Lights off, but we stay lit/Switching up positions, key in the ignition/Going off for hours, ain't nowhere til it's finished," Skizzy raps.

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