Skippa Da Flippa and Lil Yachty's collaboration "Play Your Position" first appeared on the former's 2016 mixtape, I'm Tellin Ya. Now, the Atlanta rappers unleash the accompanying music video.

Throughout the three-minute, Unkut Cinematics-directed clip, Skippa rocks a red apron and cooks up product in the kitchen alongside several fine females. Meanwhile, Lil Boat rocks a flashy chain, counts stacks of money and plays the keyboard while spitting a mean, auto-tuned verse.

"Free all my niggas that got caught lackin' on a mission/Lately they been sayin' Boat you trippin'/I been tryna count a hundred plus/Six freak bitches on a tour bus and they all tryna fuck with us," the 2016 XXL Freshman raps. "If I pick her out, boy I bet she buss/Dick so good it make her cuss/Chopper my brother, he bust at your mother/Grill in my mouth looking like a lil muffler/Gold on my neck like a bowl full of mustard."

In case you missed it, Skippa Da Flippa recently chopped it up with XXL for a variety of topics, including his new song "Gangland" and why he left Quality Control.

“That’s always gonna be my family, but shit wasn’t really working out the way it was supposed to be,” Skippa says of leaving Quality Control. “As far as business wise, shit just wasn’t right. Everything I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing on my own anyway, so I can continue to do it on my own and put my name on it, create my own little lane and brand myself. Everybody knows me for my logo and my term ‘havin’ so I decided to just move on with that.”

You can watch the "Play Your Position" music video below via YouTube.

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