Things are looking up for Florida-born, New Jersey-bred rapper Skinnyfromthe9. After a past riddled with poverty and other hardships, he's beginning to taste fame with the burgeoning popularity of his music. His latest offering is "Pink Choppas," complete with a new video.

The Jazzbo-directed video is a luxury highlight reel, with Skinny and his friends running amok in a large suburban house. The outside of the crib features a fleet of white cars, and Skinny dances in (and on) them. The visual closes with everyone showing off their dance moves.

The hook consists of Skinny bragging about what's going on in his life now that he's a successful rapper. "She wanna fuck, I don't wanna/I got the drip like water," he raps.
"I'ma go fuck on his daughter/Run to the bag ’cause money keep calling."

In the first verse, he takes off with someone's girlfriend. "Your shawty be calling, I pick it up/All of these racks got me sitting up/Your shawty came through and she lickin' us," Skinny raps, with zero remorse. "Only gon' fuck if she thick as fuck/Scooping your bitch and I gave her the dick/Count my chips, stackin' this money, I'm takin' a trip."

This isn't Skinny's only recent video. In April, he dropped a visual for the fan favorite "Love Blast," which is almost psychedelic in nature. He also released the new track "Back When I Was Broke," produced by BL$$D. You can hear the new song below.

Skinnyfromthe9 recently sat down with XXL for The Break interview earlier this year, and revealed that he has goals that are much bigger than himself. "I’m going to be the next artist, legend—whatever you wanna call it—to show people that dreams come true when you really try your hardest and don’t give up," he said.

Check out the video for Skinnyfromthe9's "Pink Choppas" below.

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