Skinnyfromthe9 is checking in with fans from behind bars. This time, he does so in the form of sharing a new freestyle. The New Jersey rapper, who is currently incarcerated after accepting a plea deal in a kidnapping and aggravated assault incident, hopped on a call while locked up, turning his phone privileges into an opportunity to share some new bars with the masses.

During the recorded call, which was shared publicly on Friday (Oct. 12), the 22-year-old rhymer reflects on a variety of topics, ranging from fame to heartbreak to the reminder for those in a similar situation as him to stay patient while fighting any cases they may be facing.

“I know a lot of people wished I stayed in the cell/Like they hate to see me win ‘cause they the ones who’d fell,” he spits. “Only thing I care about is commissary and mail/Locked down all day working out it was real/I just hope no one forgets me while I’m doing my time/Said them bad bitches wait when I come home, they’ll be mine.”

Skinnyfromthe9, born David Alex Villegas, was arrested back in August, along with his father, David Andres Villegas; his brother, Joshua Villegas; and an associate, Troy Warren.

As previously reported, the charges stem from an incident that occurred on Aug. 9, during which a victim was allegedly contacted by the Villegas brothers about taking a trip and was instead driven around against his will for about an hour and assaulted by Warren.

In September, Skinny's kidnapping, aggravated assault and robbery charges were downgraded to luring an adult, simple assault and theft. He gave a guilty plea to one count of third-degree luring an adult and one count of third-degree theft. He will also be pleading guilty to simple assault, a disorderly persons charge. He's set to be released in November.


Skinnyfromthe9 previously made news for another altercation this summer, back in June. He was captured on camera in a verbal altercation with rapper Squidnice in a New Jersey area mall

Musically speaking, the freestyle marks some of his latest work since the video for his collaborative track with PnB Rock"Jump Out That," dropped at the beginning of August, and two recent songs he released this week: "Songs About You" and "Alone."

Take a listen to Skinnyfromthe9’s latest freestyle from behind bars below.

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