Skinnyfromthe9 was nearly involved in another altercation before police got involved.

In a viral video posted on DJ Akademiks' Instagram page on Friday (Aug. 16), you first see Skinny and his crew yelling at a man who is being held on the ground in cuffs by police. It appears this was the end result of the fight.

"You a bitch!," Skinny yells at the detained man. "See me one on one!'"

Though he can't get far, the person in cuffs tries to get up and yells back, "You didn't come outside!"

The clip then cuts to what is possibly the start of the fight, where it appears that the man who was cuffed in part one is fighting a few people. Skinny does not appear in the clip, but the man who was later cuffed can be heard yelling, "Come outside! Come outside!"

This is not the first time Skinny has gotten into an altercation. Back in March, the New Jersey rapper was attacked at a restaurant while he was eating with his girlfriend. He seemingly addressed it in a song he released later on.

"I'm on probation, I can't act a fool/So when I'm confronted, I gotta act cool," he rapped. "'Cause they trying to post it all up on the 'Gram/Bitch, I got snuck by a wannabe fan/Hold my ground and stand tall like a man/Bitch, I'm from Jersey they know who I am."

The rapper has also had an issue with YBN Almighty Jay in 2019, as well as Zoey Dollaz.

XXL has reached out to Skinny's team for comment.

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