Skinnyfromthe9 was recently attacked in a restaurant and now he's addressing the incident on a new song.

The New Jersey rhymer debuted the song on Instagram on Saturday night (March 23). In the video, Skinny appears to be rapping from inside of a vehicle.

"Yeah, Skinnyfromthe9 and I'm giving 'em hell/Niggas taking out they phones so they going to tell," he raps. "I'm on probation, I can't act a fool/So when I'm confronted, I gotta act cool/'Cause they trying to post it all up on the 'Gram/Bitch, I got snuck by a wannabe fan/Hold my ground and stand tall like a man/Bitch, I'm from Jersey they know who I am."

As previously reported, someone attacked Skinny on Friday (March 22) while he was eating at a restaurant with his girlfriend. Video of the assault hit the internet a short time later and went viral. Since the incident, Skinny has talked about the ordeal. "I wasn't gonna comment on the situation cause I'm all about positivity," he said on Instagram. "But the dude that hit me is a straight bitch. He came up to me while I was eating at a restaurant by myself with a girl and was like, 'Yo, I know you eatin' right now, but can I take a picture?'"

He continued, "I got up, put my arm around him like we was gonna take a picture —like we was posin'— and the dude snuck me. And then we started wrestlin', and that's what happened. My face is fine. I still fuck bitches. I still got all my jewelry - the dumbass didn't even get my jewelry. He tried."

In the wake of the attack, a video has surfaced that purportedly provides audio of Skinny talking about his father possibly going to the police about his assault. Skinny is denying the authenticity of the video as is.

"These niggas out here manipulating phone calls and cropping shit to make me look bad," he reacted to the leaked phone call on IG. "I said I ain't doing shit about the situation. I signed a waiver that I can't pursue and that I don't know shit. I can post that. Every parent worried for they kid. To the nigga who such a 'gangsta' he recorded this phone call, he a cop and prolly got his whole hood tapped. Ya doing anything to make me look bad. Shit sad. Even my own homies."

Check out a preview of Skinnyfromthe9's new track where he addresses his recent restaurant attack and the leaked phone call below.

Skinnyfromthe9 via Instagram
Skinnyfromthe9 via Instagram

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