Uncle Murda once again proved himself a worthy G-Unit Records signee when he dropped "Rap Up 2017," a brutally honest take on just about all that transpired last year. Lost in the 10-minute recap, though, was one shot that should've been much more conspicuous than it was: Murda's diss directed at Skillz. Now Skillz is firing back with his own diss, "Murda Gram."

In case you didn't know, Skillz's year-end rap up has been pretty much the preeminent year-end rap recap for a while now. It was only somewhat recently that Murda began delivering his own, and on his latest track, he threw some shade at Skillz—who's more of less his predecessor.

"Tell Mad Skillz, niggas is through with him," Murda shouts on his "Rap Up 2017." Apparently, Murda took matters a step or two further by actually sending Skillz an Instagram direct message, pretty much telling him he was washed.

"You the PG version I'm the rated R version I didn't mean to take ya shit it just happened but my shit be way better than ya shit you fell off my G," Murda wrote in the message. How do we know he wrote that message? Well, that would be because Skillz uploaded a screenshot, which ended with Skillz asking Murda a simple question: "Who is this?"

Skillz commented on the matter a bit more in the caption for the screenshot, and then, he dropped off a diss track. This one's called "Murda Gram."

The track begins with a clip of Murda mentioning his previous interaction with Skillz on the radio. Once the track actually starts up, Skillz reveals (or claims) that Murda once tried to collaborate on the year-end rap up with him. Skillz wasn't having that though.

"But, not for nothing, you was trying to make it better/And trying to reach out and see if we could do it together/I'm like...[...] nigga you must be faded/Why the fuck would I collab on something I created?" Skillz spits. Sheesh.

Check out the diss below. Listen to Skillz's "2017 Rap Up" when you're done.

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