Is Ski Mask The Slump God and Juice Wrld's joint project coming our way soon? While no release date is known just yet, the artists have recently hit up the studio together.

Earlier today (Oct. 17), both Ski and Juice uploaded in-studio clips of themselves in the studio on their Instagram stories, with the "Lucid Dreams" rapper's video showing him vibing to the violent sounds of an unreleased collab tentatively titled “Cutthroat,” which Ski teased on Twitter last month. This clip was shot from a studio in Atlanta.

In the video, we can see Juice, who's rocking a blue and white ski mask, shouting some bars over a hard-body instrumental. "Taped to the money like Velcro/Is you getting to the money, bitch, that's a hell no!" he can be heard yelling, distancing himself from the smooth, melody-driven sounds he's let loose so far.

For his part, Ski laughs, seemingly enjoying what he's hearing and finishing the lyrics to the song. The track is supposed to be on Ski Mask's new project.

Ski and Juice first started teasing a joint project a few months ago, but we haven't heard too much more about it. Speaking with XXL for Spend Some Time series over the summer, Juice implied that a joint project between the two could just be a matter their busy schedules finally calming down.

"We locked in a couple times, we just gotta—we both doing shit. He getting money, touring," Juice shares. "[I'm] doing the same shit, so I guess whenever shit is kinda at peace, we can link up, lock in a couple more times. See what happens."

In other Ski Mask news, the rapper has also been seen in the studio with J.I.D recently. Peep footage of Ski with Juice and J.I.D for yourself in the videos below.

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