Earlier this week, the world of hip-hop was shocked when new broke that legendary DJ and Hot 97 personality Mister Cee was arrested after reportedly trying to solicit a male prostitute who was an undercover NYPD officer. Yet this isn't the first time that Mister Cee has found himself in this position. In 2011, he was arrested after police found him receiving fellatio from a transvestite prostitute in his car - a crime to which he admitted guilt. While it's not XXL's position to weigh in on any individual's personal life, Cee's recent arrest comes as the latest installment in a series sex crimes in hip-hop. Now, we've compiled a list of six other criminal incidents of a sexual nature.


Tupac Shakur

Year: 1993

One of the more infamous entries on this list comes with Tupac Shakur. In 1993, a woman named Ayanna Jackson accused the California by-way-of Harlem rapper of raping her. Prior to the incident, Jackson and Shakur had met in a club through publicist Jacques Agnant, and had intercourse that same evening. Four days later, Jackson met with 2Pac in his hotel suite, where Agnant, Pac's associate Man Man and a fourth unnamed associate of Agnant were also staying. However, it was on this occasion that Jackson claims that Shakur and the rest of the present parties - Man Man excluded - sexually abused her. She alleged that Tupac forced her to perform fellatio on him and Agnant's anonymous associate while Agnant undressed her. Jackson immediately reported the incident to police, who arrested Pac, Man Man and Agnant on charges of sexual abuse, sodomy and possession of a deadly weapon.

Despite Shakur's denial of his involvement in the incident, the rapper was convicted of sexual abuse. He was sentenced to one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half years in prison, although he was released after only a year. Pac eventually came to believe that Agnant was a government agent who had set him up in the case after Agnant's lawyer moved to have his client's case servered from Tupac and Man Man's cases and the prosecutor made no opposition. Tupac's suspicions deepened after Agnant's indictment was dismissed entirely.

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Year: 1998

Just as DMX's career began to build up steam, the Yonkers-by-Baltimore rapper was implicated in a rape case. In June 1998 - a mere week after the release of his debut album It's Dark and Hell is Hot - the Ruff Ryders rapper was accused of raping a 29-year-old stripper. The accuser alleged that DMX invited her to give him a private dance at his friend's South Bronx apartment located at East 143rd Street. She said that it was there that the budding rapper raped her and held her against her will. X defended his innocence throughout the legal ordeal, telling the press, "I never met the girl."

Despite many media outlets deliberately painting X in a negative light, the trial itself quickly exonerated the rapper of any culpability. The prosecution was unable to link the rapper to crime beyond of reasonable doubt, prompting the charges to be dismissed. Even after a judge ordered a DNA test, the results came up negative, completely clearing him of the crime. "He was immediately negatively portrayed and his lyrics were critically analyzed," DMX's lawyer Matt Middleton said at the time. "He didn't have a chance."

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Year: 2002

In 2002, No Limit MC Mystikal and two of his associates were arrested on charges aggravated rape and extortion. People Magazine reported that the Louisiana rapper forced his female hairstylist to perform oral sex on him and his two friends after they threatened to inform police that she had stolen nearly $80,000 worth of checks from the rapper. Initially, Mystikal proclaimed his innocence, saying that the sexual act was consensual. However, police later uncovered a videotape of the incident, validating the victim's claims. At the time of the rappers arrest, Baton Rouge police told the Associated Press that, "During the attacks, the victim was repeatedly threatened with prosecution of the checks and great bodily harm."

After the video surface, Mystikal and his associates plead guilty to sexual battery and extortion charges to avoid the mandatory life sentence in Louisiana for sexual battery. The rapper was ultimately sentenced to six years in prison, a sentence that was later increased due to tax evasion charges. Mystikal was later released in 2010.

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Year: 2007

Although it was never officially confirmed, Harlem legend Mase was reportedly witnessing attempting to solicit a transvestite prostitute in Atlanta in 2007. News broke after Ryan Cameron aired a phone call on his V103 radio show that placed the Harlem World impresario at the scene of a car accident attempting to pick up a transvestite prostitute. The caller, a woman who's car Mase accidentally side-swiped, said she spoke to one of the witnesses of the accident who confirmed that it was the rap star driving the car, and that he had been circling the block attempting to engage a prostitute. "He been circling around here 4 times already trying to pick one of these queens up," the caller said.

Shortly after the first allegation surfaced, MediaTakeOut reported that a second transvestite prostitute had come forward saying that Mase had propositioned him as well. "I hear a voice asking me to come over. I do, and as I get closer - I realize this guy looks a lot like Mase," the witness indicated. "I did my business, collected my money and that was that. I have to say that when he parked the truck, he was looking so, so nervous, but I know for a fact it was Mase."

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Big Sean

Year: 2011

Shortly after Big Sean had released his debut album Finally Famous, the Detroit rapper's camp was rocked by a potentially damaging scandal. Following a performance, Sean and partner Willie “Sayitainttone” Hansbro were arrested in Lewistown, New York after a 17-year-old female fan called police on the two from backstage. Although details on what actually occurred are somewhat fuzzy due to a gag order from the judge given the plaintiff's age, she alleged that the "I Do It" rapper sexually assaulted her at around 9:50 PM. Although Sean's lawyer said that the two musicians vehemently denied the accusation, police formally charge them with third-degree sex abuse, forcible touching and second-degree unlawful imprisonment.

However, a short while after the case first surfaced, new broke that Big Sean had been acquitted of all charges. Although the rapper never addressed the case in full detail, he did refer to it as "some minor shit" in an interview with Tim Westwood. “Man, shit that was just some little minor shit man," he said. "I really want to talk about it too and go through the details, but my lawyer says I can’t talk about it til it’s all said and done. But I’d be happy to."

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Birdman and Ronald "Slim" Williams

Year: 2012

Shortly after Big Sean's case made headlines, YMCMB's Birdman and has brother/business partner Ronald "Slim" Williams found themselves in court on similar charges. According to reports, Nicole Westmoreland alleged that she had been invited to a studio session with the Cash Money crew to deliver a business presentation. While at the recording studio session, however, Westmoreland claims that she was attacked and sexually assaulted by Alfred Cleveland, an associate of the label. In her court testimony, she explained that Cleveland followed her into the bathroom where he grabbed her, bit her cheek and attempted to forcibly pull down her pants. "I was followed into the restroom, where he bit me on the cheek," she recalled. "I tried to pull his hands down, but he turned me around and pulled my jeans down...I believe Bryan Williams and Ronald Williams has to know the rapist was dangerous."

While neither Birdman nor Slim were involved in the actual assault - both had left the session prior to the incident - both were sued as liable parties given their ownership of the Cash Money label. But the brothers' involvement in the case didn't end there. Westmoreland alleged that the Williams brothers offered to pay her $100,000 out of court to keep quiet about the case, which she refused.

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