The tension between Shyne and Game doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Then again, it could all be over by tomorrow. When Shyne expressed his dissatisfaction with Kendrick Lamar’s debut LP it ruffled feathers on the West Coast, most notably Game’s who had some harsh words for Moses Levi.

The former Bad Boy rapper recently spoke with and HomegrownRadio to debunk any rumors that he is no longer welcome in Cali and to address the situation with Game. “I'm certified worldwide. I don't mob or thug on my block. I'm not local. I'm worldwide,” said Shyne via phone. “Wherever I go, I get the red carpet rolled out for me because I been about it. A lot of these dude's that's talking ain't never did nothing."

As far as the tension between him and Game, Po said he has love for Chuck but won’t take disrespect. "That's my son. I got love for him. I always have love for him. I'm proud of him because he's something that I helped create. ...He studied me, and he aspired to be like me. ...I always have love for him because he never fronted. He always paid homage to me."

Shyne insisted that Game needs to reach out to him to resolve the situation. “I’m the big homie,” he added. “I’m the big brother. He got to reach out to me. He was the one who talked reckless. It’s a way to handle things.”

The deported rapper doesn’t expect the situation to escalate. “From what I seen and what I heard, we moving on as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Not sure if Shyne heard Game’s latest diss before this interview. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

Check out the entire clip, below.

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