You never know how people will end up in your life. As it comes to Shoreline Mafia, the Los Angeles rap group's entire existence is based on meeting the right people at the right time. All four members—Fenix, Ohgeesy, Rob Vicious and Master Kato—were friends from different worlds, with varied interests, who suddenly found out they can make quality music together. Their first full-length mixtape, ShorelineDoThatShit, dropped in November 2017, taking five weeks to record and much less time to blow up on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

Ohgeesy was running around L.A. as part of a graffiti crew, a young kid hanging out with his buddies. His travels led to him gaining another friend in 2012, someone who would prove vital. “I met Fenix doing graffiti,” he tells XXL. “We were getting super tight, started making music. Then eventually we just put Rob and Kato in.”

There was a stretch where all four members were doing music together, but didn’t have a name yet. Shoreline Mafia existed as a crew since 2012, but they weren't a full-formed rap group until 2016. Regardless, they knew they had something special. “We did this show one time—before we were all even Shoreline—and it was crazy,” Kato says.

Ohgeesy jumps in to explain the origins of the name. “We wanted a name that incorporated like, waves and shit, feel me," he states. "I feel like we were the waviest niggas around. Free Max B! All we do is get wavy, because we some wavy-ass niggas. And I was like, 'Yo, where the fuck do the waves start?' The shore line. Shoreline Mafia.”

While Fenix and Ohgeesy started making music out of pure curiosity, Kato and Rob Vicious’ roads to rap were a little different. "For me, my homie came up to me my sophomore year, and he was just like, 'Nigga lets rap, you not doin' shit else,'” says Kato. "And I just got kicked off the basketball team. I just kept at it for a lil bit.”

Rob headed to rap because he was bored, and he wanted a better outlet for himself. “I went to jail and I was just like, I'ma rap,” he explains. “I been making beats already, I got out, I was on house arrest, I’m bored. I’m like 'fuck it, I’ma start rappin.'”

Their divergent paths came together to form Shoreline Mafia, and they hit the ground running. RonRonTheProducer provided most of the beats from ShorelineDoThatShit, which dropped in November of 2017 and led to shows and the attention of major labels thanks to hits like “Nun Major," “Whass Da Deal” and “Bottle Service.” “We just tryna see what the best situation gon’ be for us,” Rob says.

With a strong start behind them, the young crew knows that things will only get better. “Every single song gonna be at a million [streams], within like three to four months," Fenix shares with pride.

What's up next for the rap group? They're headed out on tour. Kicking off in Vancouver, Canada on March 3, Shoreline Mafia will hit 10 cities on the Off The Xtras Tour. Looks like their 2018 is off to a good start.

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Name: Shoreline Mafia: Ohgeesy, Fenix, Rob Vicious and Master Kato

Age: Ohgeesy, 24; Fenix, 22; Rob Vicious, 20; Master Kato, 23

Hometown: Ohgeesy, Los Angeles; Fenix, Los Angeles; Rob Vicious, South Central, Los Angeles; Master Kato, Chicago

I grew up listening to:

Ohgeesy: "I grew up on 50 Cent, G-Unit, Gucci [Mane]. I was in elementary school, wearing all G-Unit. Dipset, Three 6 [Mafia] all the SwishaHouse."

Master Kato: "There was a point where I was going through old-school shit like Organized Konfusion—niggas don’t even know about that."

Fenix: "I’d say a lot of Three 6 Mafia. I thought Paul Wall was hard, too."

Rob Vicious: "I listened to all the music my mom told me not to listen to. My mom would try and get me the CDs that didn’t have the 'Explicit Content' thing on it."

My style’s been compared to:

Rob Vicious: "It ain’t no description for it, it’s either you fucking with it or you don’t."

Ohgeesy: "I feel like we making our own genre."

Most people don’t know:

Ohgeesy: "People think I’m White. I’m Caucasian, but I’m Mexican. I’m full Mexican."

Rob Vicious: "I’m not a tagger, bro."

Kato: "Me and Rob do not look like fuckin’ Chief Keef, nigga."

Ohgeesy: "Fenix ain’t Mexican, they be thinking he Mexican because I’m Mexican."

My standout records to date have been:

Fenix: "I’d definitely say 'Bottle Service' or 'Musty.' They listening to it in the Ukraine. They got like a German or Russian remix to 'Musty.'"

Ohgeesy: "'Bottle Service,' 'Musty.' I came up with the 'Musty' hook in the shower[in 2016]. I was like 'Uggh, my nigga, who got the musty?' Then I just kept going and going, adding a little more to it. [The video] did like 4 million, by itself. When it got to 3 million, that's when RonRon’s manager hit me and he was like 'RonRon produced a beat, I’m RonRon’s manager, you guys should link up and do some shit.'"

Kato: “Nun Major!”

Ohgeesy: "Our single 'Nun Major' we just dropped it, that shit’s going crazy already. That shit got 2 milli in streams, just audio, you feel me. SoundCloud and YouTube, a million each, and I don’t even know how many streams it has on Spotify. It’s only been out for like two months."

Fenix: "Another song, 'Break a Bitch Bacc,' its been a month, that shit almost at a million too."

My standout moments to date have been:

Fenix: "I would definitely say Rolling Loud—the energy coming off of the crowd. I don’t think I’ve seen that much energy at a show that I’ve been to. That shit was crazy as hell."

Ohgeesy: "Our shows are like, trapped-out Travis Scott shows. It’s like mosh pits, people going fuckin' nuts, bitches gettin ratchet. It has everything you could want."

My goal in hip-hop is:

Ohgeesy: "I wanna still be making money off 'Musty' 50 years from now. 'Musty,' the way it gets played in L.A., its like 'It Ain’t No Fun' by Snoop Dogg."

Kato: "My goal is just to finesse the music game as much as I can and start my businesses. I wanna be a businessman before a rapper. Big Body Kato, the company, coming soon. Golden Valley Edibles, coming soon."

I’m going to be the next:

Rob Vicious: ShoreIine Mafia is the next Shoreline Mafia.

Follow Shoreline Mafia on Twitter and SoundCloud.

Standouts: ShorelineDoThatShit

"Nun Major"


“Bottle Service”

“Spaceship” featuring StincTeam

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