Queens is definitely in the building. Very recently, Shirt, a stalwart of NYC's bursting underground, unleashed his new Pure Beauty album onto the world and about a week later, he dropped off a couple new visuals.

The first one is for his track "Snowbeach," which features some rock-solid bars from Shirt's barber, Chase. "Chase raps better than most rappers to me—he has a ridiculous flow and I’ve always wanted to use him for something," Shirt reveals. "I never thought it’d be the intro to the album, but the more I was playing around and listening to it, the more it made sense to me both sonically and conceptually that my friend—and essentially, an idea— would be the first thing you hear.”

We don't hear from Chase in the vid, but he is the one giving Shirt an ultra-clean lineup. In the new audiovisual, Shirt gets a fresh cut from atop a building with the Tribeca skyline serving as the backdrop. On the track itself, the rapper flaunts a well-honed flow over a smooth Ricky Dubs-produced instrumental.

The second new video is for "Climate Change," and it's directed by Shirt himself. The video finds Shirt at Detroit-based pressing plant Third Man Records, where the packaging for the vinyl edition of his Pure Beauty album was made.

Throughout the visual, which was shot by Everett Stewart, the rapper cruises the scene of the pressing, admiring his work.

You can admire Pure Beauty for yourself on iTunes. Peep Shirt's two new videos for yourself below.

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