Queens rapper Shirt is clearly a fan of hip-hop, crafting his music as if he was influenced by the greats of the 1990s. With that said, he's a crafty modern rapper, seeing an opportunity to make music where others wouldn't. His latest is "It Be Your Own Drums," a track over a beat that consists of a loop from a Twitter video featuring Kanye working in the lab.

Let's be honest: the loop itself is hard. Shirt totally snaps on it, turning in one long verse, sans hook. "We just want the album nigga put it out/Nas June 15th get the studio bequeathed," he raps, anticipating Nas' soon to be released project. He also mentions looks for a reply to Kelis' recent allegations against the Queensbridge Projects legend: "I just hope the nigga addresses Kelis/I'm not playing I'm not playing."

Later in the song, Shirt seems to criticize Kanye. "Come to Camp Shirt can't be nice and not blunt/What I learned from Virgil is there's a right way to disrupts," he raps, showing love to Kanye's friend and former creative director. "That might be right straight to your gut/And I don't know so maybe right away that's enough."

Shirt has been getting to it all year, starting with his album, Pure Beauty, in February, then the supporting videos for "Snowbeach," "180 Grams - Climate Change" and "Woman Is God"

Listen to Shirt's "It Be Your Own Drums" below.

SHIRT via SoundCloud
SHIRT via SoundCloud

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