Shawn Kemp recently attended the Reebok Classic Breakout Camp at Philadelphia University and spoke to over a hundred of the best high school basketball athletes on the importance of having events like the Reebok Breakout Camp to help nurture and support the next generation of basketball players.

The "Reign Man" also took some time from his busy schedule to chop it up with XXL and talk about the success of his Reebok Kamikaze with the newer generation, his favorite hip-hop artists at the moment and the fashion style of today's youth. Check out the interview below.

Tell me why you decided to be a part of this Reebok Classic Breakout Camp and the importance of it.
Oh man, when I found out about the camp I just wanted to be a part of it because I realize how hard it is for some of these kids to come up at an early age. I think it's been great. You see different attitudes that we have here, different players that we have here, and I just thought it would be good for their moral to try to build that up and make sure they have a successful chance in life.

You've had some memorable dunks in your career. Which has been your favorite?
My favorite would have to be my first big dunk in New York, the double-pump reverse dunk. Ultimately that's one of the most difficult dunks you can do in a game, going full speed to do a double-pump reverse dunk. I think that was the best one.

How do you feel about the overwhelming success your Reebok shoe has received with the newer generation?
Oh man, it's awesome. I owe Reebok a lot, and I owe the fans even more. I'm thankful for the kids to have a great following on the shoes, and I'm grateful for Reebok to also still be supporting me and sponsoring me throughout the years.

I see you wearing the new Reebok Kamikaze II Low model. What do you think of the new low top design on your shoe?
I am rocking the new low top model. I must say they're sweet, man! I insisted that we do this shoe over the winter because I thought it would be an eye-catcher, and I'm glad we did it.

Do you think we'll ever see an NBA squad in Seattle again?
I do. It's like the country song that talks about losing a girlfriend. It's easy to lose it, but it's hard to get it back, and I think that's what's going on in Seattle. I think eventually the NBA is going to let a couple of new teams in the league, and I'm hoping Seattle will be one of them. We want a new franchise out there, start it up from the ground up. I think people miss basketball in Seattle.

Would you ever be interested in coaching an NBA team in the future?
No, not coaching in the NBA, but I still would like to work out with the guys. I would still like to direct the guys and help them out, but as far as me sitting on the bench and coaching the guys and traveling around with the team, it won't happen.

What artist are you currently listening to?
Right now I am listening to that new Freeway, a little bit of Drake and a little bit of Nicki Minaj.

What's your favorite song at the moment?
It's gotta be Drake's "0-100."

Give me your opinion on the new fashion styles in hip-hop: the skirts, the skinny jeans.
Oh man, it's so weird, but I'm glad it's happening because I think that the style is definitely making people in the city be more creative but also clean things up. I think we're much more than the baggy pants and the white long tees that we were representing. I'm glad to see these different styles. I'm also glad to see some of the youngsters changing up their identities to be more professional because I think those things come into play more in life after they get a little bit older.

Where do you think Carmelo Anthony will end up this season?
I think Carmelo is staying in New York. That's too much money to walk away from. [Laughs]

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