Toronto rapper ShaqIsDope is back with new music. SID drops "Owe Me," his newest single off his new upcoming project, ShaqIsDope EP. "Owe Me," which is produced by Pitt Tha Kid and Felix Leone, features the MC crooning about a girl that he has been lusting for and wishing he was with her romantically.

"I just want your body girl you know this/Put it in my hands and i'll control it/Tonight you're going to give me what you owe me/You know it's not it's not going to be not the same," he sings

Previously Shaq released "For The Streets" and "Wake Up" earlier this month. With "Owe Me," the boy up north looks like he's ready to have a big 2017.

We spoke to ShaqIsDope this past summer and he discussed his goals in music. “To be the next Canadian to make an impact in the United States, to be up there with Kendrick, J. Cole, Drake. One day I want to be right next to them or even bigger,” he said. Listen to "Owe Me" above.

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