A hilarious moment happened on Inside the NBA last night (April 30) and we have a certain Drake, Views From the 6 meme maker to thank for all of its comedic gold. Shaq angrily/jokingly stormed off stage after the crew showed a Views related meme that involved him and former teammate/nemesis Kobe Bryant.

Toward the end of the show, the guys decided to show off some funny Views cover memes that poke fun at each individual analyst. When it was Shaq's turn, the meme showed him sitting on top of Kobe's shoulders with the caption reading, "Views From Kobe's Shoulders." While Ernie Johnson, Kenny Anderson and Charles Barkley got a real big knee slapping laugh out of the picture, The Diesel was less than entertained.

He stormed off the set, as the crew rained down taunts over his poor sportsmanship. Shaq's antics didn't stop there. While back behind the set he continued to show off his anger pulling down random items off the shelf in disgust before pretending to attack the camera man.

This isn't the first time Drizzy's presence has made its way onto the Inside the NBA set. Aubrey joined the crew for a show back in February during NBA All-Star weekend which was held in his hometown of Toronto. Shaq was all about the fun and games then as he beatboxed while Drake recited lyrics to his infamous Meek Mill diss song "Back-to-Back." Who put the salt in Shaq's cup?

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