On Monday (Oct. 2), Shannon Sharpe pulled out a Black & Mild cigar during an episode of Fox Sports 1's Undisputed and went viral when he proclaimed, "I be on the Milds with that yac hard."

As expected, Sharpe's comments were turned into a full-blown song by Twitter user @RemixgodSuede. The song flips "Milds with that yac" into a hook and interpolates other comments from the segment. Sharpe eventually caught wind of the remix and had a laugh at his own expense, tweeting, "Why y’all do me like this? 😂😂😂."

Since teaming up with Skip Bayless in 2016 for Undisputed, Sharpe has become popular for his comments when it comes to dealing with social justice and sports. During a recent episode, Sharpe called out Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert who said he was "surprised" to receive racist calls about LeBron James.

"A lot of people don't want the truth because the truth would destroy their illusions," he said. "Dan Gilbert, like a lot of wealthy white men in America, these issues do not affect them. They're not going to get discriminated against. They're not going to get brutalized by the police. So the issues that affect a lot of minorities in America does not affect them."

Sharpe added, "Therefore, it doesn't affect them, therefore, they don't believe it exists. And therein lies the problem, Skip. Because here he is. Here is a guy that's worth about $6 billion, says he did not know an element of this type of racism existed in America."

Check out the "Yac and Mild" remix and Sharpe's tweet below.

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